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Freshservice Loaner items overview


So, we are trying to make use of Freshservice's loaner item functionality.

However, at the moment it is very unpractical. There is no way to get an overview of what items are needed by whom and when, that is also talked about here.

Ideally, you'd be able to check an overview page displaying the current requests, regardless of their status (requested, reserved, delivered, cancelled, returned). That way an agent can see what items they need to prepare for pick-up, what items are in use and what items are expected back on one easy to interpret page. 

At the moment, loaner items are simply unworkable: You need to filter the ticket-view to service requests and then you have all of the requests that you need to individually open to get to the info you need. 

I've asked a a developer to create a solution using the API, but the single most important piece of information: when the item is needed by the user, is not accessible in the API...

As I understand expanding the loaner item functionality is not a priority because it is something that is not used by most clients. In my opinion that is because at the moment, it is simply unusable.

I'd very much appreciate it however if at the very least the "from" and "to" dates a user submits when requesting a loaner item would be made available in the API. That would at least make the loaner items usable with some tinkering.

I hope there is something I'm missing and I'm just looking for the info in the wrong place, but if not: is this a request that can be implemented asap?

Thank you!

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Also essential info and not available trough the API if looking at the generated ticket .json: the associated asset id. 

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Nobody else? No comment from freshservice?

I agree. For the customer as well there is no 'calendar' for the loaner item to see when it is available. It's a bit hit and miss when trying to check one out when it already has been booked. Also agree that there is no view to the agents to look at the list checked out.

Has this gotten any further. I am testing the 'loaner' functionality and, though it's somewhat easy for the customer, it's not for the service desk staff. The customer will need to make sure they come in with their ticket number in order to get quick service. 

Looking through the tickets, even after being properly categorized via workflow, is still onerous. We have 74 items at one of our sites. And will be adding more at other campuses.

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