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Making Solutions Available to Certain Unrelated Individuals

As we increase the number of published Solutions, there are more scenarios where I want certain unrelated individuals to have access to certain Solutions articles. For example, we have about 6 people of varying departments who utilize an online conference call service. I don't want all my users to have access to this article, just those 6 individuals. I can't use Requester Groups because there isn't a criteria that those 6 all have in common.

If possible, provide a way for individual users to be assigned visibility to Solutions, or create a new Group Type and allow that group to be assigned visibility to Solutions.

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Hi Missy. I believe the only solution, until a better one is created, is by using Requester Groups. Here's what I suggest: 

  1. Admin > User Fields. Create a 'New' field in the 'User Fields' that is relevant to the unique role you explained. Checkbox fields do not work in this case. For example, create dropdown menu titled, "Solutions-Conference", with Yes/No as options.
  2. Admin > Groups >  Requester Groups. Create a 'New' requester group and select the user field you created in the previous step and choose the appropriate value.
  3. Apply the newly create requester group to the solutions 'Folder' in question.

This should provide you with what you're looking for. Hope this helps!

Hi Missy, 

I like this idea as well - would be great if you could somehow link it to Software or Assets. ie. Person A, B, and C have iPhones so the iPhone solution articles are available to them or Person C, D, and E have Astea software so all the Astea solutions articles are available. 

It would result in a much less cluttered view and as it's connected to assets it would largely be self managed.

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