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Round Robin / Auto Assignment Status Alerts and Notifications

We recently implemented the round robin / auto assignment of tickets for our agents. They're still getting used to this and can forget to enable/disable auto-assignment at the start/end of their shift.

This is important at the end of their shift. If the agent forgets to disable auto assign at the end of their shift, they will continue to receive tickets even though they're no longer available.

It would be great for managers to receive alerts / emails if an agent has had auto-assigned enabled for X hours (configurable per group and/or agent). This would allow the manager to go in and manually disable auto-assign if needed.

(Maybe an overall workforce management system would better resolve this issue but that's likely a different request. This would be more of a stop-gap measure.) 

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I would really like to see that the agent can set their actual work-shift in the Agent Edit screen, as well as mark holidays and have the auto-assign, auto-enabled through that feature so that for businesses like ours that cannot afford to be staffed 24/7 that workload gets evenly distributed to the entire team when it comes in after live support hours, but that it doesn't hit the first user to login.   Currently we are leaving our agents logged in to mitigate this, but that presents an issue where due to split shift start times, sometimes work is delayed that the earlier start teammate could have handled or vice versa, work is not handled until the next day that the late end shift could have managed ... however, we don't want work not auto-assigned if comes in outside of the shifts that are covered live.

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