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Allowing requestors to search all tickets


I know there is a feature to allow requesters to view all tickets within their own department, but is there an option to allow all tickets to be searchable by any requester in our system?

The need for this is to allow users to search the whole system for similar issues that have already been resolved but do not yet have a solution article.


Hi Salvador,

We don't allow requesters to search for any ticket that has been raised in the helpdesk as it might result in a breach of confidential information shared by specific requesters in their tickets. If you are okay with this, we can create an automator to tag all the tickets and requesters to a common department using APIs and this would allow the users to search for all tickets in the Helpdesk, provided the checkbox for View ticket from their department is checked against the requester profile.

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Let me evaluate the pros/cons of this decision with the business and I'll get back to you soon.



We have decided not to pursue this option at this time, it is ok to close this ticket - thank you for your help !

Sure, Salvador and thanks for keeping us posted. Please reach out to support for any queries.

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