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Ability to use custom fields in Automator


We're starting to use the Service Catalog and Automator quite heavily to automate a lot of non-IT processes.  This would be substantially easier if we were able to use custom fields in Automator workflows, e.g. if we had a Service Request for "Contract Review" and a custom field for "Contract Value", it would be great to be able to define a workflow for items of type Contract Review and then be able to select the Contract Value in conditions within the workflow.

To make this easier, it would be good to be able to select what items a workflow applies to when creating it, rather than having the first couple of conditions within the workflow filter them, i.e. we often start a workflow with a condition which is if the type is Serivce Request and the Category is ... or the Item is ...  If these were specified as options to the Workflow, it would make the workflow cleaner, and also allow FreshService to know which custom fields to make available to the workflow.



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Neil, If I am understanding your question correctly you are able to use custom fields in the workflow automator. You have to define the type of SR first though.This is acocmplished through subconditions. Is that what you are looking for?


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Aha!  That allows me to do exactly what I need.  Thanks for pointing it out.



Patrick thanks for this.. I too was lost and looking for this exact info!!!

 Is it possible to specify an Or evaluation for subconditions?  It seems if I add multiple subconditions to a condition they are all Ands.  What I'm trying to do is test if the value of a field on a service request is "value 1" or "value 2".  I could do it by adding multiple conditions each with one subcondition, but this seems a very clunky way to achieve it.

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