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Customisable Agent Dashboard

We are happy to announce, that we are working on a new agent dashboard for Freshservice.

The new dashboard will let agents monitor their work live on the dashboard, and the best part is - It's completely customisable.

Agents can setup their own dashboard, as per the kind of tickets, tasks, changes they handle based on any supported filter and monitor them live, and always stay on top of their game. Along, with this we are also making slight tweaks to the related features like Announcements, Activity feed and more

This should start showing up on your Freshservice instance in Dec-early Jan timeframe, and here is a quick glimpse of the same.

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Today I could activate the new agent dashboard in the Dashboard of our instance.

There are however a few issues.

By example, I could not modify the default scorecards. When selecting by example  the scorecard "Overdue tickets", it defaults to  "My new and open tickets" and I cannot revert back when hitting the save button.

Sometimes the save button is missing.

Recent Activity gives in Firefox sometimes a lot of garbage.

Example of the garbage in FF:


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