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Customisable Agent Dashboard

We are happy to announce, that we are working on a new agent dashboard for Freshservice.

The new dashboard will let agents monitor their work live on the dashboard, and the best part is - It's completely customisable.

Agents can setup their own dashboard, as per the kind of tickets, tasks, changes they handle based on any supported filter and monitor them live, and always stay on top of their game. Along, with this we are also making slight tweaks to the related features like Announcements, Activity feed and more

This should start showing up on your Freshservice instance in Dec-early Jan timeframe, and here is a quick glimpse of the same.

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Sign me up if you want some more testers.

This feature is realy nice and looking forward to this realese. 

But one question: Whould this also provide the opportunity to have a dashboard for groups, not just agents? 

To have wall-mounted monitores for a groupe, with these features, wouuld probably be of even more value. 

Hi Anders, have you checked out our Analytics dashboard? It can be setup for a group and can be projected on a tv

We had to downgrade our solution, so Analytics is not part of the plan anymore. But is Analytics live data? 

Analytics data is delayed by 30 mins

Hi--do you know if this will include the ability to show a ticket dashboard with custom columns? We also sent this in as a request in ticket 2674156.

We'd like to have a display that shows tickets with custom info regarding status, last updated by, customer name, due dates, assignee, group, etc. etc. Really just any ticket info should be displayable.

Hi Mark, ability to choose which columns to display is part of another feature we are doing, and is expected to be out by Q1. In that feature, instead of a list of tickets, you will get a table on the tickets page, in which tickets will be populated, and you can choose, which columns to display. Hope this answers your query.

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Looking forward to it!!

I too would like be interested to test this as well. 

any update on when the beta will be available?

Can't wait for this to be added, If you are offer Beta access please reach out. 

We have started reaching out for providing the beta access for new customisable dashboard.

In case you have not heard from any of our teammates yet, please let us know here on this forum, we will arrange for it.

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no response from any of your team yet..

I will await your communication Rishul as would be a good early Christmas present !


I am also interested to test please, it is possible?

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