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Customer Satisfaction Survey Enhancements

With this update, administrators can now configure multiple option choices for the Customer Satisfaction surveys, going beyond the current limitation of 3 choices. The number of option choices can range from two to five.

Administrators can also configure the post-survey experience of the requesters filling out the survey. Administrators can now

 1. Configure the feedback question and response text

 2. Specify when to solicit additional feedback from the requesters

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Has the timetable for the rollout of this feature shifted?

any news? will we be able to select the images or preview the form?

Hi Folks,

Be really useful if you could share an estimate on when you guys think this eagle will be landing? :)

Hey folks,

We'll open up the enhancements this week.

Thank you so much for your patience.



Product @ Freshservice

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Hey all,

CSAT Enhancements are available now. You can now configure Surveys with multiple option choices and customize them a little more from the Admin settings sceen. 

Please try it out. 

Hope you like the update.

And as always, keep us posted on any feedback.

Thank you.



Product @ Freshservice

It would be great if the images could be customized or if we could choose to leave them out altogether. That would save on the customer having to load images in the email client of their choice. Images are turned off by default in many cases, so it just results in an ugly email. Using links only would be better for us.

the survey is not attached to the mail notification, I have dealt with the two options closed and resolved. Do you know why?

@Sundar - An important piece of the CSAT for our team is the ability to randomize the distribution of the surveys based on a % of users or tickets.  With the number of repeat users, the current 'on closed' or 'on resolved' is too frequent and typically ignored.  Is this on the roadmap for CSAT?

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Hi Jason,

Thank you for your feedback. We're considering customizable images for the CSAT Survey. While this is not part of our immediate roadmap, I'll take your feedback in as a feature request.

Hi Christian,

Could you please let me know your account ID? I shall have this checked. You could also reach out to us at https://support.freshservice.com/ with your specific issue. We'll have this expedited.

Hi Jeremy,

Thank you for your feedback. This is indeed something that's under consideration. I shall update this thread when we're closer to picking this up.

Thanks again, for all of your feedback. This certainly helps us make our product better.



Product @ Freshservice

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Hi Sundar, I have a similar query to that of Jeremy above in that we would like the ability to restrict the number of times a CSAT survey is sent to an end user. For instance we would only want to send out once every 30 or 60 days to each individual, just now some of our users raise multiple tickets & receiving CSAT for each ticket means they end up ignoring it.

Can you advise if this is something that is included in the CSAT road map for future consideration?

Many thanks.

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Hi Fraser,

Thank you for your feedback. 

This is indeed in our backlog of items, but, unfortunately this hasn't been prioritised for the near future. That said, we constantly evaluate the priority of items in our backlog before we take them into our roadmap for development, and your feedback helps us with the prioritisation.

I shall update you once this makes the cut. Thank you for your patience.



Product @ Freshservice

To be able to randomize the surveys and limit the number of surveys that go out to an individual in a time period is very beneficial.  The current options are everyone gets a survey or the agent gets to favorably pick which tickets they send surveys out from -- not ideal.  We won't even consider using the surveys until this sort of functionality gets built into the module.  

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Hi! is it possible to add the option to make a comment mandatory?

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