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Asset Management V2 APIs

We are introducing APIs (V2) for all Asset Management operations including entities such as Products and Locations. Here's the full list of APIs planned.

  • Products (Create, Update, View, List, Delete)
  • Locations (Create, Update, View, List, Delete)
  • Vendors (Create, Update, View, List, Delete)
  • Asset Types (Create, Update, List, Delete)
  • Asset Type Fields (View)
  • Assets (Create, Update, View, Delete). V2 Asset List APIs are already available. More info here: https://api.freshservice.com/v2/#assets
  • Software (Create, Update, View, List, Delete)

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When is feature completion of v2 relative to v1 planned? Specifically, the lack of asset relationship management in v2, combined with v1's very low API usage limits, is making Freshservice unusable for asset management purposes for us.

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