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Asset Management V2 APIs

We are introducing APIs (V2) for all Asset Management operations including entities such as Products and Locations. Here's the full list of APIs planned.

  • Products (Create, Update, View, List, Delete)
  • Locations (Create, Update, View, List, Delete)
  • Vendors (Create, Update, View, List, Delete)
  • Asset Types (Create, Update, List, Delete)
  • Asset Type Fields (View)
  • Assets (Create, Update, View, Delete). V2 Asset List APIs are already available. More info here:
  • Software (Create, Update, View, List, Delete)

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Hi Sid

Thanks for this list.  Great to see Locations on there.  I've been hanging out for that one in particular.

Can you please tell me if these new APIs will allow us to search for which software is installed on which assets?  The new SAM is great but we can't yet report or export out of it to do analysis.




The APIs will allow you to get all the devices where a software is installed. You can also get all the software installed in a device. We are considering adding exports for SAM so that you can report on the information until we have SAM in analytics. More on this soon.



Thanks Sid.  That's great news.

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