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Map IP addresses to asset locations

To be able to assign asset IP ranges to locations would be extremely beneficial. 

Otherwise, with the location field being manual, the tracking aspect of the inventory is almost useless.  If a user has a laptop assigned to a particular location, but then moves around office to office, the detail is inaccurate. 

I have seen this done well in Lansweeper, but would be really good if we could automatically track assets with Freshservice.

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Please implement

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I would like this as well. Right now I have to use the API to extract all assets, and then update programmatically update locations that changed. That's a pain when we add new locations and/or subnets.

I created an asset automation that should be able to do this.

basically it's quite long (i have 79 sites) and says:

     when an asset it created or updated 

          - if the ip address starts with 192.168.XXX set location to site1

          - if the ip address starts with 192.168.YYY set location to site2

          - etc

The rule hasn't fired yet and i'm seeing if there is a way to clear the assets so i can "rediscover" them with the probe.

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