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Add an "Add Note" Action in the Ticket Automator

We would like to see the option to add a note in a ticket using the ticket automator. Our use case is as follows:

A user sends in a request that requires an approval, and the agent sends the approval request. This triggers an automation that sets the ticket status to a custom status for 'awaiting approval' and sends the requester an email notifying them that an approval request has been sent out.

In the current setup, this email appears as an action in the history of the ticket, but does not appear in the conversation on the main ticket page, and also does not count as a 'response' for the purposes of SLA timers on first responses.

We would like to be able to automate first responses in these cases, and also have all communications (even those sent by an automation) appear in the communication log in the ticket, rather than just the activities page.

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We also want to see the option to add a note in a ticket using the automator.

@daniel @Kayleigh That can be accomplished by performing a "trigger webhook" and calling back into the Freshservice API to post on a ticket. 

hope that is helpful 

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Have you been able to get the webhook to work?

I've tried the V1 and V2 method, but it doesn't work.

So far, FreshService Support is stumped.

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