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Support for Shared Assets

Some assets such as Printers, equipment in meeting rooms or common areas in your organization will be shared by all employees. However, when something goes wrong with these devices, requesters cannot attach these assets to a ticket as only the requesters' assets can be selected from the support portal. We are introducing an option to mark these common devices as "Shared". Doing so will make these devices selectable by all employees when they report an issue in Freshservice

With this feature, requesters can search for any asset in Freshservice and associate them while raising a ticket. For MSP, only the assets that belong to the same company as the requester can be searched and assigned to a ticket. (We have scrapped our plan to limit the searchable assets based on the company assigned to the portal based on feedback received from customers).

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Hi Folks, 

This feature is now live for all customers. Admins can enable the option to allow requesters to "Search and associate any asset". This option can be found in Admin -> Form Fields (along with the "Allow requesters to associate assets" option). 

Some points to note on how the search will work on the requester portal.

  • Requesters can only search for assets by Asset Name or Asset Tag
  • Only exact name/tag search is supported
  • If you have MSP mode enabled, only the assets that belong to the same company as the requester can be searched and assigned to a ticket

Please do give the feature a spin and share your feedback. 

Hi Sid,

Thank you, this feature is very useful for us. However, having requester to search the exact name is a challenge if the asset name is complex. They would need to refer to another source/list to get the exact name. For example, we name the assets by city followed by other parameters, so ideally requesters will just search for the city name rather than typing the rest of the name. 

Will partial search be supported at some point? This would make the feature more complete.



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Hi Ashraf, 

Thanks for the Feedback. 

We decided to restrict the search keeping in mind that an auto-complete search can end up listing all the assets in Freshservice on the support portal. This can be overwhelming for requesters. Also, most customers label their assets with asset tags. These tags are used by requesters to identify the device that they want to tag in a ticket. 

But, I understand how a flexible search can help in your case. We'll consider adding partial search support once we get some more feedback.



Hi -- perhaps the search can be less overwhelming if it is just their own assets plus the unassociated assets of certain classes?

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Hi Sid,

Would like to re-visit the asset search request. After several weeks of testing and feedback, users are not so keen search for the exact asset name match. We are not requiring "auto-complete" function, just that the search function can find assets based on partial match. For example, searching for "NEW_YORK" would narrow down assets with that name for easier selection. Basically, this is the same partial search match capability what an Agent already has when attaching assets to a ticket.

Though having the ability for requesters to attach any assets of their own company is a huge progress, its usefulness will be negated by the difficulty in searching the asset. Please consider this, thanks!



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Hi Ashraf, Noted. We'll revisit this once we complete some of the items we are working on now. Will keep you posted. 

I think the fix for this should lean more towards being able to assign an Asset to more than one person. 

For example, there are 5 people in a department using a shared copier/printer/scanner.  There is currently no way that they could select the copier as an asset when opening an incident unless they know the exact name of the copier.  

It would be preferable as an Administrator of Fresh to be able to assign the copier as an asset to the 5 people so that when they open an incident it is automatically listed in their Assigned Assets.  No silly searching and no need to know the exact name of the asset.

If there is any additional review planned on this it would be great to see assets that can be associated with locations. ie. Printers in the same location as a requester 

Will this be available on the iOS app at any time? That would be very helpful as a lot of our workforce is mobile only.

Also, it would benefit us if we were able to associate any asset on a service request. We have users who share certain assets that are kept in inventory until they are assigned to someone.

The setting Allow requesters to associate asset -> Only assets assigned to them works as expected on the incident form, but does not seem to apply when using the Assets data source dropdown for a service request? In my test I was able to search all assets.

Any updates on this? I'm also having negaitve experiences with the exact name search and agree with the above suggestion about partial name search. But ofc, the absolute best solution would be to set this on asset level. And my suggestion would be to allow for different alternatives, e.g. Share the asset among users in groups, Departments or Locations.

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