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Portal Homepage Customization


Is it possible to customize the homepage/landing page of the service desk?

I find an old forum thread where it looks like a lot more customization was available in the past:


Have you found an answer to this per chance? I'm looking to customize the portal, and can't find the old options.

Hi there,

I presume you mean the customer portal?. If so I am under the impression you can customize quite a lot with the support of Freshservice. We tailored ours to look like the below but have seen many other variations;


Hi Peter,

Is that one long logo across the top of your page where you have IT Service Desk at the top left and your NHS logo top right?

We have our logo top-left but would like to include our Service Desk opening hours and contact details top right.

My understanding is that if a user visits the site using a mobile device and not using the FreshService app, that the logo will not display correctly if its stretches across the entire width of the page.

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