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Advanced Global Search and Asset View Search for Assets

1. For global search, on top of wildcard searching we would also like to have the asset CI types being searched too. Say I would like to search for "John123" which belongs to the asset type "Server", when I search for the keyword "Server", it could return relevant results such as a list of assets under "Server". And when I search for the keyword "John123 Server", it could return results such as "John123" with asset type "Server", or other related results.

2. Currently there is no search function for customized asset view, we realized that a search function in custom asset view would be convenient for users to quickly locate a particular asset while viewing the corresponding column field values. We understand that a search function is available when we clicked on a particular CI type under asset hierarchy, but custom fields could not be displayed as columns there. In short, search is available in asset hierarchy but not custom field columns, whereas custom field columns are available in asset views but not search function.



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