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Gantt Chart for Projects

Project owners can now get into the details of a project execution, identify task bottleneck and quickly perform any corrective measures to execute the project within the deadline. Also, Gantt chart helps Project owners and Project Portfolio managers look ahead to ensure each project contributes towards achieving the organization’s long-term strategic objectives. Please find below a few mocks to get a sneak peek into the feature.

Additionally, Project Portfolio managers can now gain visibility into project execution against a timeline. Please find below some of the mocks to help understand the enhancement. 

23 people like this idea

We would like to beta.

We would be very interested in the beta as well.

Can i please get added to the BETA as well?

We would like to join Beta as well.

Please add me to the beta as well

@Sudipta Chowdhury - we would love to beta test this feature as well.


we'd also like to be part of the beta. We're a new customer and this is a very important feature for us.

We're desperate for this sort of view of projects.  We would love to be included in your Beta please.

@Sudipta Chowdhury - we would like to beta.

Can we be included in the beta-testing, please.

@Sudipta Chowdhury please include us in the Beta. Thanks!

Can we be a part of the testing please need these features urgently

I would be interested in the beta as well. Thanks!

Our team would really like to beta this.  We'd be happy to provide feedback.

Another team happy to beta-test some new project management tools here if the offer still stands.

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