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Change Request Lifecycle Management

Change Lifecycle will allow Change Managers to setup and enforce a lifecycle on a change request. Controls like a change cannot be implemented  unless approved, release is not complete unless all tasks are completed and more use cases will be possible within change management. This is coming soon, so stay tuned. 

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Hi, Is it possible to see more of a preview of this functionality or perhaps be involved in a form of beta testing?

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Hi Craig, thanks for the interest. I will let someone reach out to you from our support team for the same

Hi folks, Not heard anything as yet, I'd be really keen to gain an understanding of what's coming with this piece of work and as mentioned beta test to provide feedback. Any preview screens available?

HI Craig, thanks for having a detailed discussion on change management with us.

I am happy to announce that feature is being deployed today to all customers with Change Management. 

Here are the feature details :

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