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Liquid - Pinned articles instead of popular articles on portal


I'd like to replace the "Popular articles" with a selection of "pinned" articles on the portal home page, so we can control which articles appear there.

I was thinking of using an article tag and writing a loop to identify the article links to display, but I can't figure out the syntax (and I don't know how the default "{{ portal | filter_for_articles}}" placeholder is built - I can't find any documentation explaining it).

I'm coming from Zendesk, which has a built-in feature to do this: Promote article.

Any suggestion on how to achieve this result?

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Hello Florian,

Please take a look at this self-help article that lists the various liquid placeholders that you can use to loop through solution articles. You can use the placeholder article.tags to identify articles based on the tag attached to them.


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