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Personalised Dashboard

Hi there,

I am keen on seeing what you guys are doing around personalised dashboards for agents. We have recently (yesterday) gone line and the out of the box default page is very busy and agents are keen on creating their own default view?....


Peter Martin

Head of IT Service Delivery for Portsmouth Hospitals NHS Trust

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We would like the same. Custom dashboard for each Agent.

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A customisable dashboard pertinent to each agent or group would be a great addition.  Ut would be great to know whether this is within your development stack.

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We would like a custom dashboard for each agent too. The last changes view is not bringing any benefit to us.

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Yes Please! I've been told over and over that Reporting>Analytics are the only way to view a "custom dashboard" like feature. As a workaround I just save the following url as a shortcut and go to that instead of the dashboard: https://[yourdomain] It really hinders productivity however to be forced to use a one size fits all dashboard.

Hi Daniel and thanks for your comments. Shame the link you sent through didn't work as it would be good to see how you are using analytics as I do find it limited.

Freshservice - any news or updates on these custom dashboards? - the data is all there but nothing that seems to fit the bill.



Merging similar topics. Customizable Agent Dashboard is in development. More info on this here: