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Update a ticket subject or description through v1 API?


When trying to update a ticket via the v1 Rest API:

I'm getting an HTTP 500 "Internal Server Error" when my request json to update a ticket includes "subject" or "description".  

Are these fields restricted from being updated through the API?  I noticed that you can indeed edit these fields from the web interface by clicking the "more..." link at the top of the ticket.


You should be able to update the ticket properties through API v1 (subject, description,etc.) . Nevertheless, it shouldn't error out with 500 internal server error. Can you please help us with the X-Request ID of the request so that we can check the logs?

Also, is there a reason why you aren't using API V2 instead of V1?


Hi Aravind, 

Thanks for your reply!  I was able to update other ticket properties, such as "Impact", but not subject or description.  I don't know the X-Request ID of the request but will try to get you another one soon.

It was my understanding that API v2 is still in Beta.  I didn't want to risk moving my application that consumes the APIs to production if the APIs are still in Beta, also my stakeholders would probably not approve of that.


The API V2 has lot more powerful API endpoints when compared to the API V1 - it was in BETA few months back but right now,it is the version that we would continue to add more endpoints. The API V1 would be soon deprecated.

On a side note, can you please check if the ticket for which you're trying to update these values has the source Outbound email ? By default, the subject and description of an outbound email cannot be updated via API.



we've tested the API v2 and there are more then a few "bugs"... so we wouldn't change our application to the API v2...

in the documentation of the API:

This documentation is for the v1.0 APIs. The documentation for the beta version of the v2.0 APIs is available here.

so for me, the API v2 IS still BETA...

one hint...

in v2

get all tickets struggle, it becomes a array returned and our json parsing fails... why you have changed this?

no more department_name is there, and no display_id...

even when we test /api/v2/tickets?include=stats

in our case the ticket_id doesen't match to our custom ticket_id from the website...

so for our company, the v2 is not ready for a productive system.

there are also no really functional examples...

thx & greez

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