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App locations limitations

I am looking to develop a "simple" app that pulls Department / Company information into the New Ticket logging page. (select company and description and prime user is returned to the sidebar)

Is this even possible presently, as there seem to be limits to the App Locations that can be developed ?

Hi Pete, as a part of the current SDK version, with Freshservice, we support Ticket details, Change details and Contact details page for app locations. We are (and also will keep on) introducing new app locations to be supported by the SDK with respect to Freshservice. 

Regarding new locations for apps to be rendered, we are taking up New Tickets/Edit tickets page (for agents) first. Along with the app locations, we would be taking up the respective APIs for the page as well to support the app build. Your requirement is a strong fit into one of our many use cases that we are trying to solve on the New Tickets page. 

Please subscribe to the what's new and the roadmap community to get notified regarding the same and other product-related rollouts. 

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