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Zapier - Expand Triggers and Actions

Hi, I'd like to request additional triggers and actions in zapier:

Trigger: Ticket logged with filters:

- company

- group

- agent

- priority

- category


Trigger: A ticket is closed


Trigger: An update on any ticket with me as a recipient (public or private):


Action: Create a private note in a ticket


Action: Change the status of a ticket (closed, resolved etc), or ability to close a ticket

Action: Change due dates of tickets

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I've just been testing out the integration and logged an enhancement request to Zapier.

Enhancement required so that the following two fields can be detected / used:


  • Category
  • Requested Item

Zapier said the following when I logged this enhancement: 

"Additionally, we highly recommend that you reach out to Freshservice directly and request that they implement this feature. Our partners generally respond more quickly when they hear from their own customers and it’ll raise the visibility of your needs."

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