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Discovery Agent to capture last user logged into a PC

Can the Discovery Agent please capture the last user logged into a PC and store this in the CI record?  This would be very helpful when assigning newly-discovered CIs to the correct requesters.

Thanks - Simon

PS.  While you're at it, please also capture the BIOS asset tag as requested in ticket # 435554.

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This would be very helpful in order to assign users to the asset if it wasn't previously included. It would also help in ticket creation like OP mentioned. I would love to see this feature.

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Hi Simon, Lrobertson, 

We are already getting the last logged in user information while scanning windows devices. We have introduced a new field "Last Login By" under Computer properties and we'll start updating the last logged in username in this field going forward. The update is expected to be available early next month. 

For Mac and Linux devices, we'll start collecting this information when the next version is rolled out. You can track this update (and other asset enhancements) here:

@Simon, I'll consider the BIOS tag scan for the next version of the Windows agent



Hi Sid

That's great news.  Thanks very much.

Thanks too for considering the BIOS asset tag.

Could you please also consider adding last reboot date and time?  This would be very helpful for an agent to know that a computer hasn't been rebooted for two months and that's probably why the requester is reporting that their computer is acting flakey.



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