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Ticket Properties - Category - Sub-Categories

Under the sprout plan, is there a way that I can add selection values to the Category - Sub-Categories section of a ticket properties?

I've searched around on the Solutions and Forums as well as in the Admin panel and I'm not seeing any area where I can modify the Sub-Category of Software from the default selections of : MS Office, Adobe Reader, Windows & Chrome.

Finally found it!   
When editing the Ticket Form Fields, on the right side under the Shared Fields section, click the "Eye" icon to the right of grey text labeled "Categories".
In that pop up dialog box, you can free form edit the categories and sub-categories.

Stumbled across that one! Hope it helps someone in the future.

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Glad I found your post. Was looking where to change the category and sub-category fields.

That's great.  Was wondering where they were

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