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A company contact can't view/manage all company assets in MSP mode

We are working in MSP Mode

An option already exist to permit a company contact (a power user or an IT admin) to view all the company tickets...

But no option exist to permit a company contact to view/manage the company assets.

Feature is needed for all our clients... and no roadmap available for this feature...

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Hi François,

You'll find that there are a lot of areas where it's really obvious MSP mode is a total after thought (it's Agent Departments renamed). Here's a post that would be really nice if it was pinned in Feature Requests as it has a lot of great ideas for improving MSP mode.

They've even said a lot of work is going to be done to improve this but I haven't seen anything done to improve MSP and there's sadly nothing on their newly created Road Map forum, so don't hold your breath. As I tell most people, check back in 3-4 years...

Hey François,

We hear you, and we'll definitely consider this feature.


Mithun Mohandas

Product Manager, Freshservice

Hey Phill,

I want to assure you that all the feedback about our MSP capabilities and the corresponding feature requests are definitely being considered and incorporated into our design. I also want to add that we're going through a series of design iterations for MSP in an attempt to find the right balance of usability and sophistication. We'll post on the forums once we have an update.


Mithun Mohandas

Product Manager, Freshservice

Mithun, thanks for the update, we look forward to improvements in that area! 

Hi Phill,

I'm actually working to improve our MSP process, and a new agent recently ask me how he can know wich type of commercial contract is linking the client and us... If the contact is still active...

Where can I propose this needed feature?


Hey François,

Please search through the threads in the "Feature Requests" section, and if one doesn't exist already, you can create a new thread. 

You can also choose to file a support ticket explaining your requirement.


As a fellow MSP user, we definitely feel your pain about feeling like MSP is a pure after thought. Has definitely put my 'workaround' skill set to good use.

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