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Freshservice revamps 'Activities' module

What’s new?

You now have revamped ‘Activities’ module that captures all entities within ticket details page in a detailed and structured manner. In addition to earlier version, you will now have:

  • Activities triggered due to automation rules (Dispatch'r, Observer, scenario automation etc.) along with manual actions. 
  • Activities on custom fields along with activities on default fields. 
  • Activities of similar entities (default fields or custom fields or tasks etc.) are clubbed together in a meaningful way. 
  • Clear distinction of System triggered activities and User triggered activities
  • Based on role (admin/agent) ability to navigate to respective automation rule, user profile page and other entities like merged tickets directly from “Activities” tab.

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What does this mean?

  • Improves readability
  • Provides richer context and helps you to consume log information quickly that helps in:
                  a) Troubleshooting exercise on a particular ticket 

                  b) Having a log of activities on a ticket for any auditing purpose 

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Looking great!  Now we just need this same enhancement and detail applied to the CI activity logs.

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Absolutely, Jeremy. The plan is to enhance the Activity logs across the entire product, including admin level activity. 

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Any idea when this change will be available (The Asset part)

When will Freshservice be able to stream these event streams to us? I need to consume them using AWS Kinesis to integrate them with a larger data project.

when will this feature be available for all the modules of fresh? after releasing it for incidents and service request and getting used on the extended level of activity logging i am really starting to miss this feature in problem and change.

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All Admin change/update activity would be very useful for us to have visibility of.

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