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Timesheet timer in Andoid app

Can you please add the start timer option in the android app. Useful when being on site or don't have access to a PC while working on a ticket.

Dear Stelios,

We already have the option to 'Add Time' within the Android app. On the ticket details page at the bottom nav bar the very first option is for adding time. Just simply follow on the on screen instructions and you should be able to add time.

If at all you don't see this option, then I would recommend you to update your Freshservice Android App. 

For your reference I have attached a screenshot too.

I do see the Add Time button, but instead of manually adding time, have a start/stop a timer.

Dear Stelios,

Thanks for writing back. I understand that you would like to have the start timer as an option directly on the Ticket Details page and not via the 'Add Time' button.

The only reason we have this hidden inside the 'Add Time' button is to adhere a key use case where multiple time entries can be managed for all the tasks associated to a ticket.

However, having said that we will try and see how we can bring the start timer functionality on the ticket details page.

Thanks for your patronage towards Freshservice and its mobile app.



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