Freshservice Launches Marketplace

You can now extend the functionality of Freshservice by picking and choosing apps from Freshservice Marketplace's app gallery. The Marketplace categorizes apps based on their functionality and you can select a required app grouped under various categories such as agent productivity, assets & alerts monitoring, chat, phone & video, CRM, G suite, Office 365, issue tracking, reporting & analytics, time tracking & billing, user management and many others.

What does it mean?

- Admins can discover and install apps from the app gallery.

- Partner developers/customers can build apps on top of Freshservice using SDK via Developer portal.

Next steps?

Going forward, Freshplugs would be phased out. Our customers can create a custom-built app (also called Freshplugs) only through the Freshservice Marketplace SDK – a much easier, simpler way. We are on the process of making it more robust to enable you build deeper integrations. Freshplugs, currently enabled for existing customers will continue to work.

To know more about Freshservice Marketplace, please check out this blog.

So far it's just the same old fresh plugs, but in a different place.

Are there going to be any improvements ?

Native Google Drive integration for instance.

Hey Graeme, 

Yes! More apps on the way along with improvements to the marketplace SDK. 

Our support team shared your feedback on the google drive plug with us and we agree that there should be an easier way to integrate google drive. We are not working on the drive integration at the moment, but we have that on top of our backlog. I'll share an update once we take that up. 

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