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Asset Management Requests

I've just started using the Asset Management features and already I can tell a couple of things are missing...

1. We need the ability to have multiple activations for Software.  We're a VLK customer so the same software and license can be used on X number of devices depending on how many VLKs we've purchased.  This doesn't seem to be supported anywhere.  I have to manually add the Software asset multiple times each associated with only a single computer.

2. It would be great to be able to do bulk creation or a copy of an asset.  We don't exactly purchase by the hundreds or anything but we may purchase 5 PCs or 5 monitors at a time.  It would be great to be able enter the details of the PC once and copy it or tell it I have 5 of them and just change the asset ID for each one of them or something.

Is any of this on the roadmap for future versions?  Thanks!

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Hi Stephen,

1. Are you using our discovery tools to identify computers and software? If you are not, then you might have to manually create the software assets and associate them to ever computer. If you are using discovery, then you can automatically consolidate all the installations under a product and track your volume license by creating a Software license contract. 

2. We'll consider bulk creation/clone/copying assets for the roadmap going forward. Thanks for bringing this up!



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I would like to add my two cents that a clone feature for assets would be a big help for us; it would let us ensure uniform formatting across assets when we are adding things manually rather than them being picked up by the discovery probe.

Thanks for the feedback, Kayleigh. We have this on our long term roadmap. Will share more details once we take this up for development. 

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Has this feature been implemented yet? It seems that this request is from 2 years ago and we are still unable to copy details from one asset to another.

Hi J Boshoff, Yes. You can create copies of assets by using this app:

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