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Manual Clearing of "Requester Responded" flags

Often, a requester will respond with a useless "Thanks" or something else which requires absolutely no ticket action.  This will trigger the "Requester Responded" flag on the ticket which will then stick around and cause me to repeatedly open the ticket and check if action is needed when there is none.

A way to clear this flag would be very nice.

My vote is for an "Acknowledge Response" button inside the ticket on the requester's response.  This would force you to open the ticket once and look at the response, but still allow you to clear the "Requester Responded" flag if no action was needed.

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This is a fantastic idea. We struggle with the same issue. We are always responding back to "Thanks" and "Thank you" etc, in order to clear the "Requester Responded" flag. Thanks!

This would also be useful for the "New" flag.  We have some tickets which are auto-submitted via email from other systems.  These tickets require no response but some time to work on, so they sit in our queue as "New" for quite a while.

I'll throw my upvote in for this as well. Lots of our customer service reps do this to us all the time and kind of causes a disorganization of our service desk.

A workaround we've used is to simply mark the ticket resolved when you receive the "thank you", and filter your view such that resolved tickets are not in it. 

Throwing support behind this one too. It has been annoying our service desk since implementation!

I couldn't agree more

@Justin Alvey: That doesn't work too well when you are in the middle of the ticket.  For example:

Agent: Let me look into this.

User: Thanks!

FreshService: <Requester Responded>


I often get a "Sure, I'll try that next week", if/when they finally respond for real, I have not idea without opening the ticket.

This would be a major functionality-plus for relatively little dev work. PLEASE?!?

Another option would be allow a "hidden" reply that flips the last responded bit without encouraging another chatty response. 

Yup! Okee-dokee! You betcha. I WILL have a nice day, thanks! Not if I see you first, haha.....

It would also be nice to be able to use this as a ticket view. I'd like to see only tickets where the requester has responded

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