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Looking to Sign Up, Should I Be Concerned?

Hi there,

I'm new to the community and not yet a paying user of Freshservice yet, still evaluating. In general I like the service but find a lot of small bugs and nagging things that either don't make any sense to me or just seem incomplete. With this in mind my biggest concern is looking at the Feature Requests and seeing that the majority of the most popular items are 2 years or older. Some items that are in progress now were originally requested 2 years ago (i.e. auto refresh dashboard, very very useful feature)! It seems like if you want a new feature implemented or something fixed you're out of luck. 

What's the general experience of people that have been using the product for a while? Do issues get fixed and improvements to the core helpdesk get made regularly? or do you just find workarounds and live with it? Did you look at other products but went with Freshservice because it had "x"?

Thanks in advance for any feedback, looking to try and make a decision in the next week or two.



The colloquialism "Execution eats strategy for breakfast." comes to mind when I think about FreshService. The product has so much promise, and checks all the boxes on the surface. Unfortunately, once you start trying to put those "checkboxes" to use, the cracks appear and open up quickly. I want so badly to be able to shamelessly defend this tool against those in my organization that would rather we operate in Salesforce Service Cloud or Jira Service Desk... but the argument gets more difficult each time I encounter a basic "something" that the product should do but doesn't.  

My example du jour is reporting on overdue tickets. I came to the support portal today to ask for help with reporting on overdue tickets. The reporting tool FORCES use of the Date Created variable, which is irrelevant to an overdue ticket. Who cares if it was created 1, 10, 100, or 1000000 days ago?  If it's not resolved/closed, it's not resolved/closed.  So I accept this and set the Created Date variable to before we started with FS, then I have to set criteria for a due date less than a hard coded date. How can I schedule a report to come to my mailbox on a daily or weekly basis if the due date field isn't variable based on when the report runs?  Then I find a thread from 3 years ago where a FreshService rep promises the ability to automate this is just around the corner.... 

After 10 months running with FreshService, the honeymoon is over. We signed a 24-month commitment, and I doubt we'll be using it after that point the way things have gone to date. 

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