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Audit Log for Dispatchr/Observer/Supervisor rules

I would love to see the following on the audit log for each dispatchr, observer and supervisor rules:

  1. Agent who created it and date created
  2. Change made, who made the change and when the change was made
  3. Number of times a rule was triggered
  4. Date the rule was last triggered
#1 and #2 is for knowing the agent(s) who created and changed the rule, and also to know what was changed, so it can be reverted if there's a problem with the rule. A revert to last change would be great as well.

#3 is to know the relevance of the rule - whether is used multiple times or not. If not in use, then the rule can be reviewed and deleted if not necessary.

$4 is similar to #3, as it can be used to determine the relevance of the rule. If it hasn't been used for a long time, then the rule can be reviewed and deleted if it is not necessary.

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