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07th September 2017 – Discovery Probe v3.0


Introducing new features to the discovery probe that is simpler to setup and effortless to maintain and keep updated.

Auto-Login: A completely revamped authentication mechanism for the probe that eliminates the need for Freshservice administrator credentials to login.

Simplified Update to v3.0: Seamlessly update the probe to v3.0 from v1.12 and above without the need to uninstall and reinstall the probe. All your configuration will be saved and migrated automatically.

Probe Auto-update: You don’t have to worry about keeping the probe up-to-date or manually updating the probe anymore. From v3.0, all new versions of the probe will be automatically downloaded and installed without needing any manual intervention.

The new version can be downloaded now from Admin -> Discovery -> Probe.

For additional details on this version, refer to the Probe Release Notes.

Supported OS deprecation notice:

With Probe 3.0, support for Windows XP, Vista and Windows 8.1 has been deprecated. The new list of supported operating system can be found here.

Additional Notes:

Probe 3.0 requires dot net v4.6 to run. This can be downloaded here.

Older versions of the probe will continue to work, but new installations of older versions will not be possible anymore.

I want to run script manually which output would be example Computer.csv which I can import to FreshService.

Jere, am afraid we don't have a script that can be shared for this purpose. Are you looking to run a local IP range scan / domain scan and then manually update the information in Freshservice? 

Can you provide example PowerShell script get same data without internet connectivity? Output to csv or etc.

Hey Karim, 

Glad you like the authentication changes. :) Now that we have the auto-update capability in the probe, we'll keep delivering updates regularly and you can see the IP range changes sooner rather than later. Keep sharing any feedback you may have. 



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Hey! You fixed the authentication thingy! Thanks!

Now, is there any possible way that the next probe update will allow us to label and delete IP ranges? That would be swell.

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