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Bring back deleted asset

I was testing the Agent install on 2 machines prior to implementing the GPO push of the Agents. When I was ready to deploy the Agent via GPO, I deleted the 2 machines from inventory, hoping they would check back in later.

For whatever reason the 2 machines now will not check in at all, even if I manually install the Agent on them. My guess is that there is some soft delete going on that prevents them from re-checking in, but I could be wrong.

Is there a way to un-delete, or force these machines to check back in?

Thank you.

Hi Paul,

Thank you for reaching out.

Would you mind sharing the logs from one of the machine where the FS- Agent was installed?

The location is C:\Program Files (x86)\Freshdesk\Freshservice Discovery Agent\logs

Please send the logs to, will look into the logs and get back to you.

Jayesh Freshservice Support

Hi Paul,

Thank you for sharing the logs and helping us resolve the issue.

As we mentioned, the asset was in deleted list.

Hope the ticket was resolved up to your satisfaction.

Feel free to write back for further support.



Freshservice Support


Any chance you can expand on this?  I also have an asset that was previously deleted that will not check back in after agent reinstall.

Same thing here. How can we bring back a asset that was deleted using "Delete this asset permanently"

@Philip, Will it be possible for you to share the Agent logs with us so that we can analyse and get back to you?

Please send the logs to and the default log location is C:\Program Files (x86)\Freshdesk\Freshservice Discovery Agent\logs

@Jonathan, sorry its not possible to restore an asset, if the asset is deleted permanently.

Where is the recycle bin?

when I delete an item and reimport it updates the deleted item and I need it to come back or be completely gone.

This appears to be a critical issue with the Asset Management. At no point in the process of deleting an asset is the user notified that the delete is permanent and will result in a failure to register assets in the future via the Agent or Probe. 

In our case we found that the probe did not provide as much detail as the agent so we deleted all assets imported with the probe with the intention of using group policy to install the agent on all networked computers. After installing the agent we found that any asset that was previously discovered with the probe and deleted will no longer register with FreshService. We either need a way to forget devices that have been previously deleted, restore these devices so synchronization will continue to work or force a new registration. Otherwise Asset Management provides no value as we have no way to reconcile our corporate assets to FreshService. If this issue can't be resolved we'll be forced to abandon FreshService in preference of Spiceworks.

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