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API - Filtered Ticket List


Using the api and trying to get a list of tickets that have been updated since I last ran the api.

I have tried creating a view in the FreshService application which applies the filter and sorts descending on updated date.  Then Using the api "https://[domain].freshservice.com/helpdesk/tickets/view/[view_id]?format=json" however this seems to return the same as the api for all tickets.  It's like the view is not found or recognised.   I have assumed that [view_id] is the name of the view in FreshService.

are there any other approaches to get the tickets modified since a date or at lease a list of tickets in descending order of date modified without needing to traverse the entire list.

Any assistance appreciated.


The view ID is not the name of the view. You can locate the view ID in the URL of your ticket list after clicking on the view.


@ John  @ Karim

I am trying to call a custom view too but unable to make the call> Error I get is invalid credentials. It is strange cos I am able to succesfully make calls to generic 


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