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Team Huddle

Can we have this please? I'm super down for built-in chat that keeps conversations organized by ticket.

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Hello Karim,

Can you share specific use cases to help me understand your requirements better? Happy to get on a quick call to discuss this in detail, whenever you're available.


Freshservice Product Management

Hi Deepikaa

We're also keen to see Freshdesk's new Team Huddle feature added to Freshservice.

As for understanding our requirements better, the Freshworks team has already summed them up pretty well in the blog post Why you need Team Huddle.

Can you please advise when we can expect to see Team Huddle added to Freshservice?

Thanks - Simon

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Team Huddle is now available in Freshservice. More info here.



Hi Sid

Thanks for the update.

Can you please tell me, are there any plans to improve realtime notifications for Team Huddle?  Our initial play with it shows that, once a huddle has started, agents that aren't actively sitting in the ticket and watching it don't know that another agent has sent them a message and is waiting on them, even with desktop notifications enabled.

Rgds, Simon

We've realised this too Simon.  Seemingly, the updates are only if you are included in the @s for a comment (or @huddle can be used for everyone in the conversation already).  Having to manually add this for ever comment doesn't quite seem as intended.

Thanks, Craig.  Good to know.  I guess we're all used to how Slack works (mention someone once, they join the thread, they get all future notifications without having to be mentioned each time.)

Another slightly annoying thing is when I get a notification inviting me to join the Huddle I've just started.  Again, something Slack wouldn't do.

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