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Multiple Agents in one Ticket

Is there a way to assign multiple agents to a ticket?

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Hello everyone, just reading through the comments. Have you tried using tasks? 

I've implemented Freshservice for multiple organisations and when our customer ask me about multiple agents collaborating on a single ticket (Incident/SR/Change), I usually point them to Tasks. You can create specific tasks for individuals OR groups and keep track of them. Best parts about tasks is you can automatically add them through our Workflows (When a "printer issue" ticket comes in, automatically add a task to check for warranty)

Tasks combined with Team Huddle is very useful for collaborating on tickets. 


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Hi Sanjeev

Currently, we have 'worked around' this by using tasks. The main issue we run into still, is that it still doesn't show as the ticket being assigned to the agent. So we have a ticket view for each agent that says 'All My Tickets'. In this current scenario, it doesn't show the tickets that they have tasks pending / assigned to them.

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Is this a feature that will be added? Using tasks does not allow the ticket to show up in an agent's list of assigned tickets.

This is a feature that would be most helpful.

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This isn't a real work around since assigning a task doesn't work if the user doesn't have access to see the ticket.  I would need to remove the ticket from the current group and reassign it to the new group, but then everyone in the group could see it instead of just the person that needs to view the task/ticket.

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I would like to additionally weigh in for support on this. Multiple cases I can point to why two agents would need to be assigned to a ticket for multiple reasons. Seems like a pretty baseline feature that should be added.


Yes, I was also like to see this feature added.

Please add multi-agent for ticketing in FreshService. 

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