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Multiple Agents in one Ticket

Is there a way to assign multiple agents to a ticket?

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Is this available in Freshservice?

Any update to this?

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Folks, we don't have this on our immediate plans. As Karim pointed out, this is an app that has been built for Freshdesk already. We'll look to bring it to Freshservice marketplace as well if we get more requests. 



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We would also like this feature. The primary annoyance we deal with is tracking private notes. As far as we can tell, the only notification that occurs for private notes is via email. There is no notification in Freshservice. Having the ability to assign multiple agents to a ticket would allow us a way to bring notes to their attention because the ticket would appear in their ticket list. 

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What does it take to bring Advanced Ticketing to FreshService?

And why only a subset of apps are on Freshservice in comparison to Freshdesk?

@Chakradhar, am not sure I understand what you mean by "Advanced Ticketing". Can you please elaborate on what you would like to achieve?

On why we only have a subset of apps on the Freshservice Marketplace; We just launched the Freshservice Marketplace a few weeks ago. We will be adding more apps going forward. 

I was referring to Advanced ticketing option in Freshdesk marketplace. Since the multi select option is available here, I was checking if these can be brought into Freshservice.

I was referring to Multi ticket option under "Advanced Ticketing" on Freshdesk marketplace.

Can this not be added to freshservice market place?

Thanks for clarifying, Chakradhar. Some of the apps are specific to Freshdesk and may not be relevant in Freshservice. But we will look to bring Freshdesk apps that will add value to our users to the Freshservice marketplace as well. Stay tuned for more updates.

@scott, we are working on enhancing the notifications on Freshservice. I just checked with the product team working on this and they confirmed that agents will get a notification in Freshservice when a private note is sent to them. This should solve the problem you have highlighted. Let me know if you have any questions.

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I get asked this alot by my teams members. We have an IT team of roughly 30 individuals, all with unique skill sets. Particularly when we have a change request it requires multiple agents to review the change and do a piece of that change. It doesn't always make sense having a group for every scenario. Would be nice to add additional agents to the ticket so they all have it in their shared queue.

I understand there are items in place to assist with this for incidents, like adding someone as a watcher, but when it comes to Problems and Changes, you have to select a group or an agent individually. As mentioned we sometimes need to tap other agents on the shoulder and get their input or expertise in that scenario at that time.

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PLEASE Add this feature to FreshService. It makes no sense that it is not already included.


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Please add multi-agent participation in ticketing to FreshService. 

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