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Greater degree of whitelisting options

Would it be possible to have a larger degree of options on the domain whitelisting options?  Specifically in our situation, it would be very useful to restrict tickets on the portal to only certain domains, but still permit emails, in particular cc'd addresses to be able to update tickets.

Our situation is that we wished to implement the whitelisting option as we had begun receiving a number of spam or falsified tickets through our portal, given the lack of restriction to do so.  However, we also frequently receive tickets from members of staff who will cc in new potential clients or support contractors and if we have whitelisting enabled, we would then not receive replies or updates from said contacts.

We mostly redirect our email through an existing Exchange account, meaning that the email is already filtered for spam, so being able to restrict accounts that may register or submit tickets as a separate level would seem to be a minimum requirement, although it seems that a useful feature if using a filter of this sort would be to view a record of any such filtered tickets/mails and permit them, similar to how a junk email folder may occasionally need to be checked for incorrectly filed mail.

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