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Dispatch'r Add Task actions don't add tasks in the desired order

We use Dispatch'r to automatically add tasks to Changes.  We've ordered the Add Task actions in the sequence that the tasks need to be listed in the Change request.  However Dispatch'r always add the tasks in a random order.

This means that agents are not carrying out the tasks in the correct order, which results in confusion, rework and frustration.

Please fix this bug.

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Hi Simon,

Thanks for reaching out.

I have converted this forum to a ticket to check with my developers. Will keep the forum posted once we have an update on this.



Freshservice Support

Hi Simon,

Our development team has confirmed this as a bug and we will keep you posted once this has been fixed.

Thanks for bringing this to our notice.

Please reach out to for any assistance on Freshservice.



Freshservice Support

Hi Rajagopal

Thanks for following up on this.  Looking forward to the fix.

Rgds, Simon

I also reported this about 7 months ago and the ticket status is "Awaiting Developer Fix." I hope this fix gets released soon.

This same issue happens if you add tasks using a Scenario Automation. My techs were very confused when they were assigned ticket that had a number of tasks but none of them could be completed until the last task in the list was completed (need to purchase computer before you can set it up) yet this task was listed first in my Scenario. 

Would love to know what developers at FreshService are up to, they're definitely not fixing bugs. Reported 7 months ago and still an issue? That's of course assuming it wasn't reported by someone else before Jonie.

Oh, I should also be able to re-order tasks right at the ticket level as well. Not as a fix for the Dispatch'r or Scenario adding it incorrectly but if you're adding one or two tasks to a ticket manually and want to change the order (FYI, order of tasks in IT can be extremely important) it would be nice to have that ability.

This has been updated - the tasks are now listed in order, except that it is currently configured like the Activity log, and shows in the reverse order - with the first task added at the bottom and so on.

Freshservice Support advised me a couple of weeks ago: "We have fixed the issue with respect to task reordering. Currently, the tasks would be displayed in the ticket such that, the last task in Dispatchr would be the first task in the ticket."

Testing confirmed that the tasks are added in the reverse order to what they're listed in the Dispatch'r rule.  I've asked for this to be fixed.  It is currently "Awaiting Developer Fix" with no date given as yet.

As Simon mentioned, the tasks in a Dispatch'r rule were applied in a reverse order to the tickets (i.e., the last task will be added first on the ticket).

We have worked on enhancing this behavior. Going forward, the tasks added to a Dispatch'r rule will be added to the ticket in the same exact order.

Feel free to write to us at for any further clarification.


Gowtham V

Freshservice Support

I can confirm that this issue is now fully resolved.  Tasks are now added in the exact same order as they are in the Dispatch'r rule.

Thanks Freshservice!

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Just to give you an overview of this issue, there are 2 problems here that we are trying to address, one is the Task created through Automation been sorted based on last updated time and the other one is where the Observer executes the Action(Assign Task) in the reverse order. 

Both these issues were causing the Task to sort in a random behavior.

Our Developers fixed the First part of this flaw and made sure Task would be sorted by Created Time, believe you would have noticed this change and the Support Agents was mentioning about this Fix over few Support Tickets.

We have fixed the other part of the issue over the recent deployment and now you should find Task been sorted based on the assignment in Automation.

Our Product Team is also discussing the feasibility of manually re-ordering the Task in Ticket level and I will have this point raised in Feature request Forum too.

Once again thank you for all your patience. 

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