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The 24-hour clock

Hey guys

Since we are an European company with HQ in Belgium, we would appreciate that in the settings we could choose to use the "24 hour clock" in stead of "AM/PM". This because in Belgium we are not used of working with AM/PM.

Thanks in advance


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American chiming in here - Some of us like 24 hour clocks as well.  This should be a per-user setting.  (With site-wide changeable defaults.)

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LOL! Not all Americans are the same :-).

Agree that is should be a setting, but maybe per-user is to difficult and confusing? Maybe per site is better?



No responce from Freshservice for this important issue?

Hi Thom, 

Aan je naam te zien, Nederlands, correct?

Ik heb ook nog niets gehoord en ga er nog maar eens achteraan.

Hartelijke groeten,


KU Leuven

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Dat klopt inderdaad Johan.

Ik ben benieuwd.


The Swedish jury definitely wote for a 24-hour setting. Also very surprised Freshservice doesn't have this "Standard" feature.....

I would also like to see 24 H time.

In Sweden we don't use AM/PM

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I concur, a per user setting would be ideal as we have offices in multiple continents.

Maybe if we all contact our contacts at Fresh, things will move faster?

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Hey guys, thanks all for chipping in on this. I was promised that this would be coming in one of the next updates.

This was almost 2 years ago :D 

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I did just that, but for all of my questions that got transformed into a feature request, I have quite a few...

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Agree, it should definately be standard

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Hey guys: the 24 hour clock is finally available!!

You can change it in the Helpdesk rebranding!

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Finally! wooooooop!

We have to wait for the fully implemetation:

"Work on implementing the 24 hour time format is in progress in the following areas, and we'll be rolling this change out in these areas soon:

Business HoursImport/Export

Agents/Requesters (Importing and Exporting the Time Format setting for each user)

Reporting and Analytics"

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