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The 24-hour clock

Hey guys

Since we are an European company with HQ in Belgium, we would appreciate that in the settings we could choose to use the "24 hour clock" in stead of "AM/PM". This because in Belgium we are not used of working with AM/PM.

Thanks in advance


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Yes, please add the 24 hour clock - surprised it's not the default!

Yes, please, and also, loose the drop down menus for date and time, and give us an edit field. It saves a ton of time and clicking, scrolling and mousing

also the germans cannot handle AM/PM.

please change!

Vote for this too!

In the ideal world, we need to add multiple clocks on Dashboard. This would greatly appeal to global companies that work around the clock

I agree this is critical to have this function.  Please make this an Administrator option that we can configure as the default.

reported this months ago in a chat with support, they created a feature request of it, but still no answer...... as usual

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Vote for this too! This is essential for all European users! 

I vote for this feature too!

Here is my vote from Belgium!

If Fresh wants to market FreshService in Europe, the 24hrs clock is pretty essential.

I know we need it and I see others do too.

I personally find the need to convert 'my time' very, very annoying.

Is there an idea if and when this can be in the planning?



Together with calendar starting on Monday not Sunday...


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