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More MSP specific tools/services (managed service providers)

There is a HUGE opportunity to take a piece of the MSP (managed service provider) market but Freshservice needs some more tools/services to be a viable option for MSP's.

Are there any future plans to add services specifically for the MSP Mode?

For example, it would be great to have:

- toggle ticket views so you can fit more on 1 page

- document storage....possibly G Suite Drive (Team Drive) integration

- tickets posted to Google Calendar to list task notes in body

- project mgmt (I see this is coming...is there a launch date?)

- customer hierarchy w/ notes section (maybe this comes with SugarCRM integration)

- Freshsales / Freshservice integration (I can't believe this isn't a thing)

- network mapping for each customer (there is something similar to this in CMDB but not in MSP mode)

- quoting

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Fully aware that this is simply a mock-up and not a real world expectation, I think I see where you're going with the multi-account configuration making each client their own account under our MSP parent account.

A couple thoughts that come to mind:

- Keep in mind that departmentally, most internal IT service desks may have a handful of departments to manage, whereas a MSP may easily have hundreds of client accounts to juggle. This form of customer view would definitely need to be modified to provide a more condensed view so we're not scrolling for hours past big bubbly blocks. Maybe a toggle switch for more mobile/tablet-centric view and a condensed PC mode (I get that a condensed view would not be as easy to navigate on a mobile device).

- Separating the client accounts is great, but I believe it would still be useful to have a ticket view filter under the parent account that can include all client accounts. I foresee a lot of excess time jumping back and forth between client sub-accounts unnecessarily and time is valuable.

UI changes aside, if you go back to Phill's request from 10 months ago about being able to Sort By Company in the ticket view, and then in my recent comment about implementing a method of exclusion into your filter capabilities by means of adding a dash/minus sign in front of the company/status/group you want excluded, I think that would handle the majority of the issues related to "ticket view" and being able to sort tickets efficiently. 

Sub-accounts could still be useful, if implemented correctly, but I think it may open the door for more issues and design change requests later as well. The ability to customize the client-side experience can be very key when dealing with so many personalities. Some clients may want additional notifications while others don't want to feel harassed by notices. Custom client forms would be very useful as well, so I like where that is heading in a sub-account scenario. What I wouldn't want to encounter, is a Ticket View screen that is always unique to the particular sub-account I'm looking within. I would definitely still want a parent Ticket View page that shows me tickets from ALL sub-accounts, and then lets me sort and filter them appropriately.

Thank you for your time and consideration.

We have over 30 regular customers (not 3) and then probably another 20 one-off customers. Having them all displayed on the dashboard as per attached mock-ups just won't work, we'll use the dashboard even less (if that's possible). Our techs work on all customer tickets coming in and spend 99% of their time on the ticket list or in ticket view, this is what should really be given attention. Just being able to have the Company name displayed in the ticket list would be huge (even better, let us customize the view so we can choose what is displayed).

I sometimes wonder where they get their user input from as it doesn't seem to be from users.

The outline of user requirements from Mithun is very welcome, but is there any timeline for implementation at this stage?

We are operating an internal IT helpdesk but are trying to implement additional services and there are too many impediments at this stage. We want to allow a non-IT team to receive and process tickets, with the ability to transfer tickets to IT in some circumstances. We also want to allow users outside our organisation to contact us via a separate portal. It's unexpectedly difficult however:

- no per customer configurable mail notifications/templates etc

- inability to provide custom service catalogues

and a +1 for many of the features mentioned in previous posts.

It's a real pain and may well push us away from the product.

We're using FS in MSP mode and have faced all the issues previously stated in this thread. The dashboard concept shown is exactly how our account managers want to view ticket queues. At this point an time they hare having to use reports or customised ticket filters which is cumbersome.

Phil, Jason, Brett etc have made great starting points my inclusions would be,

- Versioning for Solutions KB articles
- Many-to-One Action rule in Workflow Automator

in addition to the MSP mode:

An agent sees all items in the service catalog. If a specific agent is assigned to only 1 customer, it should only see those service items. now he sees everything and so he can request the wrong item for a user. It would be much better to be able to hide certain service items for certain agent groups.


Any chance we'll see some MSP improvements on the roadmap? At the moment I'm totally loosing faith that any progress here is going to be made. We're finding the Ticket list view becoming very hard to manage as we have close to 30 clients and looking at the list, unless you know who every user is you have no idea what client they work for. This seems like such a ridiculously small change that could make a huge improvement. 

To the community, does anyone have recommendations to alternate products/services that do a better job of handing MSP requirements? I'd like to do a comparison.



I hear you - there are agents and adminstrators who would definitely benefit from a unified ticket list across all the customers that they need to juggle. We'll definitely consider building this in the near future.




As I mentioned above, we'll consider building a unified ticket list that displays tickets from across multiple accounts. We also have two other enhancements to our current MSP Mode coming up that may be of interest to you:


Des and Jaime,


The multi-account experience would solve many of your problems, and it should be available by the end of this year.




The new multi-account model would isolate each client's service catalog and would make it available only to the corresponding agents and contacts.



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Great to see you are finally talking about a table view for the ticket list, I have been asking for this for as long as we've been using Freshservice. The current view just isn't good enough.

Hopefully Q1 2019 is a realistic timescale for this. 

Assign Agents to companies so that they can only view tickets, assets, contacts etc that belong to those companies.

Service catalog needs major improvements to work better in MSP mode. 

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Any Updates regarding the new MSP Features?


Automatic association of contacts with companies using their email domain is already available. More information here: https://support.freshservice.com/support/solutions/articles/238668-automatically-associating-contacts-with-companies

We're currently testing the multi-account experience with a limited group of customers. We'll analyze their feedback and keep you posted.

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Hi Mithun,

Regarding the below point you mentioned:

"Table-View of Ticket List with customizable columns (this, in the current MSP Mode, would allow you to add Company or any other field that you'd like to the ticket list): Available in Q1 2019"

Can you confirm if this is still on track? Thanks!

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Any update on MSP mode?

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