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Dynamic Sections in Service Catalogue Items

We'd like Dynamic Fields to be available in Service Catalogue Items.

Any news on when you are planning to implement this.  I can see you have done it for TICKET, but when is it going to be available for Service Catalogue.

We have a requirement to make different selections base on the previous selection.

for example:

If someone picked Department Name 1, then we want them to select from Team A, Team B or Team C.

If someone picks Department Name 2, then we want them to select from Team D, Team E or Team F


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Totally agree with this, we need to have the Dynamic Sections in the service catalog.

Do we have any news about this?

Best Regards

Any updates?

@Mike - for the use case you mentioned, will the Dependent fields functionality work? 

Let me know if this helps. 




@Joe, This one is  the dependent fields which you have to add two dependant dropboxes based on the first one, but the dynamic section is based on a choice in a dropbox, you can add a whole section of (text fields, date, any field)

@Joseph - as Ebram stated.

Got it. We are working on this. :)



Hi Joe

We also would like to have this function. Any news on that? 

The last update is 10 months old.



Hi Dani,

We plan to introduce dynamic sections to Service Catalog items soon. The functionality will be similar to what we already have on ticket form configurations. Admins will be able to configure to hide/show fields based on drop-down option selection. This will apply to the custom fields section of the service catalog item configuration.

I'll keep this thread posted with updates on this feature as we start the development.  Here's a sneak peek at the design screen. Happy to gather your feedback -




Product @ Freshservice

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Can we get an update on this? I'm working on a form right now that could really use this feature. If it's not ready soon I will have to direct users outside of the ticket system to submit the form which is not ideal.

Hi Tyler,

We plan to start the development next month. The feature should be available near the end of June. I'll post on an update, here, on this thread on our progress.



Product @ Freshservice

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Any update on this feature? Is their a new delivery date? 

Hey folks,

We got slightly delayed with getting started on this feature. It's under development now. The feature should be available by mid/end of August.




Product @ Freshservice

Any new update on when dynamic sections will be available for service catalog requests?

Any news?

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