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Dynamic Sections in Service Catalogue Items

We'd like Dynamic Fields to be available in Service Catalogue Items.

Any news on when you are planning to implement this.  I can see you have done it for TICKET, but when is it going to be available for Service Catalogue.

We have a requirement to make different selections base on the previous selection.

for example:

If someone picked Department Name 1, then we want them to select from Team A, Team B or Team C.

If someone picks Department Name 2, then we want them to select from Team D, Team E or Team F


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Totally agree with this, we need to have the Dynamic Sections in the service catalog.

Do we have any news about this?

Best Regards

Any updates?

@Mike - for the use case you mentioned, will the Dependent fields functionality work? 

Let me know if this helps. 




@Joe, This one is  the dependent fields which you have to add two dependant dropboxes based on the first one, but the dynamic section is based on a choice in a dropbox, you can add a whole section of (text fields, date, any field)

@Joseph - as Ebram stated.

Got it. We are working on this. :)



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