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security@freshservice.com address bouncing

I have a security vulnerability to report, however the security@freshservice.com address listed on https://freshservice.com/security is bouncing. I then opened a ticket #1267020 requesting better information to report security issues, and that ticket has sat there for two days with no response.

As a paying customer & systems admin, it is very troubling the oversights (vulnerability included) FreshService has with regards to security of our systems. How can I get ahold somebody authorized to discuss security matters?


Apologies for any inconvenience caused.

We do treat security issues very seriously ,will check on the ticket and see why there wasn't any response.We will also take a look at the e-mail address mentioned on that page and see why the e-mails are bouncing.

In-between, please send us the vulnerability details to 'security@freshdesk.com' and we will reply back as soon as possible.


Thank you Maljeev, I have sent the details to security@freshdesk.com.

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