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Search: Need ability to include spaces in the search and not be treated as an "OR"

In assets, I needed to search for "Hub 4" - the word Hub followed by a space and a 4.  When I try it, I get everything that has HUB or a 4.  You can imagine how many results there are.  I tried several alternatives such as "Hub 4", 'Hub 4', Hub 4*, Hub 4%, etc. 

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Yes! This is a needed feature!

I think:

<Hub 4>

is how you want to search.


I see what you're getting at, but unfortunately I need a "starts with Hub 4"  and need all the records that have that in the first 5 characters.  That good to know.  We're almost there!!

That works, except when I want to do a "starts with" <Hub 4> which is what my goal really was.  I'm sorry I wasn't so clear.  This helps though. 

Agreed - the Search function seems like it could use some improvement. I queried this in a ticket as I wasn't happy that after searching for 'McAfee Client Update' the top, say, 1-10 results were searches only for the word 'Update', then results 11-20 for 'Client', then 21-30 for 'McAfee'.

Not very helpful when sorting on 'Date Created' to see the date flicker to more and less recent entries as it concatenates (without sorting) the results of the 3 search terms...

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