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26th May 2017 – Loaner services: service items that can be loaned to users

Service catalog will now include service items that can be loaned to users. This will prevent overbooking of items, ensure allocation based on availability and enable automatic reminders based on scheduled return time.


What does it mean?


Effectively enable planning: an item can be reserved only if it is available for the requested duration, thereby preventing overbooking.

Increase in productivity: available items will be auto-allocated to the requester without any intervention from the agent.

Automation for a streamlined process: requesters will automatically get reminders based on scheduled return time.

This is how a requester can check availability and reserve an item:


Refer the solution article for more information on loaner services.

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This could be a useful tool however I can see no way of generating a report to show the Loan Equipment Stages (Requested, Reserved, Delivered, Cancelled and Returned). Without a report to show the status of all loan equipment this is only a part solution. Is there a way of generating a report or are there any plans to extend this feature further?


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Agreed with Andrew.  At this point, I have been unable to find a way to filter all assets that have "Loaner" as their Usage Type.

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@Andrew - thanks for the feedback. Yes, we will extend this feature further based on usage and feedback. 

@Craig - we will add that capability soon. 

Really like this new added feature.

Would it be possible to restrict the From and To times to business hours?

Would it be possible to set default times for Pickup and Drop Off?

Would it be possible to eliminate the from and to time all together so that it is by date only so that one asset could not be reserved multiple times on the same day.

Hi Aaron

Thanks for the feedback. 

It would be great to know the reasons (examples) for the 2nd and 3rd point you have mentioned. 

Hi Joseph,

Our particular laptop loaner program here at our organization assumes that laptops are loaned out by the day.  This allows us time to evaluate and prepare the equipment before it is loaned out again.  If there are back to back reservations for the same laptop, we do not have time to get the equipment ready for the next customer.

This additional feature is a potentially valuable tool.  We hope that a few modifications can be made so that we can implement it.

Thank you,


Hi Aaron

Thanks for the detailed example. I will keep you posted when we begin work on this. 



Not sure if it would cover Aaron's case as well, but might it be possible for equipment to enter a "maintenance" period after a loan, with an adjustable time frame.  Similarly, we don't tend to want to loan some equipment out immediately after it has been returned, but need to check that no files or accounts have been left active, and this may vary on occasion: someone who only borrowed the laptop for an hour for a presentation may only need a brief check compared to a manager loaning a laptop while away at a conference for a week needing a more thorough "house clean".

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Is there some way to also take account of circumstances where a user may neglect or be unable to return a device at the originally intended time?

Hi Craig

Can you give an example of the problem you mentioned? 



Adding to Aaron's comments above, our service desk allows two to three day checkout period. It will be great if we can set maximum number of days allowed to be checked out. Another great feature will be have the ability for a requester to extend the checkout period a limited number of time if nobody else has reserved the item afterwards (similar to checkout process as a typical library website).


Thanks for taking the time to provide feedback. We will consider these enhancements for v2 of this feature. I will keep you updated. 


It would also be useful to be able to add multiple Assets or request multiple devices without needing to put through multiple tickets for one device each.  We just had a user needing to loan two laptops simultaneously; not only was there no ability to request two devices through the same service request, we were also unable to assign any additional assets to the ticket, only "find a replacement" for the automatic assignment.  

While this is not a significant issue in terms of two tickets for two laptops, it would certainly be problematic for anything we may have in larger numbers.

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