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Dynamic Form Sections - Expanding Functionality

Dynamic form sections are great IMO, but there are some limitations that I'm curious about. Specifically:

  • Will it ever be possible to associate a dynamic form section with any other field aside from a drop-down? A checkbox, for example.
  • Will we ever have the two dynamic section limit increased? If so, how high?
  • Will we ever be allowed to associate a dynamic section with a built in field (specifically, for my use case, the "status" drop down)
  • Will we ever be allowed to nest a dynamic section inside a dynamic section?
  • When? If you're planning on any of this, is it short or long term?

IMO, the 2 section limit and the "custom field only" limitation are the two biggest pains. The rest would be nice, but aren't a huge pain (for me).

Thanks for your time.

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These are all great suggestions.  Are these things that are in the works @freshservice?  These would all be great enhancements to the tool. Especially #4

Any chance of getting a reply to this?


I want to echo this request as well as add-on my own. Please expand this feature to ALL ticket forms, not just Incident. Having these in Problem, Change, and Release forms would be perfect.

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I agree also. There is so much improvements that can be made to dynamic sections to make this product really stand out. Take Lansweeper for example. Their dynamic sections allow for IF THIS THEN THAT logic which is absolutely spot on

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I'm also in agreement. 

Expanding the dynamic sections to include limited interaction with built-in fields would be great. Allowing us to display custom fields, based on category alone, would really clean up the side bar. Why display a bunch of fields that have no application to the reported incident? That just clogs up the side bar and makes it harder for agents to process the ticket.

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Totally agree - allowing  to display custom fields based on the category field would really be an improvement!

Can we please get an update on this enhancement request?

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