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Knowledge Base access on mobile apps

Hi Team,

It would be great if we are able to access and possibly edit Knowledge Base articles on iOS, Android and Windows Phone operating systems.



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Hi Zach,

Knowledge base article are available in IOS and Android. You need to click Search for the solutions to be visible. 

Check if this helps.

Support for Windows mobile app will be available based on market demand. The current focus is on IOS and Android due to its user base.



This seems counter intuitive. Having a solutions button on the left menu would be great
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Hi Zach,

Good suggestion. I will bring it to the notice of my product team. Will keep you posted on the progress.



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Any Update on this one?

Would be great to have a 'Solutions' tab on the left-hand side. The search function, whilst handy, is a bit hidden / not obvious.


Hi Everyone,

We are going to release the Solutions tab on Android by Mid May and by the end of May on iOS. And as requested this will be available as a separate tab under the navigational menu list.



Freshservice Mobile Team

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